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How To Use

Our core service is developing technology that simplifies vacation rental turnover. Here’s how the app works, step by step:
  • 1. Cleaning manager opens the app

    Cleaning manager views the central task calendar, check if there are last minute booking or unscheduled job for the day, update weekly job schedule, assigns staffs, and dispatches jobs to cleaners' smart devices.

  • 2. Staffs start cleaning

    Staffs arrives at a property and start cleaning.They click the Start and Complete status on their smart device as they start or complete a job. Staffs take pictures and add comments for damages. Property owner or manager is notified when there is an status update.

  • 3. Inspector is notified

    When a job is marked complete, inspector receives a text notification and goes to inspect.. 

  • 4. Property owner / manager organizes damage repair

    Once a damage is repaired, owner / manager updates the damage status to "fixed". 

  • 5. Generate Reports

    Cleaning manager review completed cleaning tasks, analyze time tracking, and check issues, etc, 

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  • 6. One-click billing

    If apply, cleaning manager generates invoices by property owner, Invoices are automatically emailed to the owners.