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I am a cleaning company 

TaskAim is a mobile friendly cloud solution that brings vacation home owners and cleaning companies together. We provide two key services on this platform:         
     1. Free market place helps to connect vacation home owners/managers and cleaning companies. Cleaning companies list service on the platform for free. Vacation home owners can search for cleaning companies and provide insighful feedbacks for free.
     2. Paid solution for cleaning companies to schedule and dispatch cleaning jobs, and generating invoices. Click Here to see features and functions of our solution. Vacation home owners request for quotes, submit cleaning requests, and get real time cleaning status for free. 

TaskAim is perfect for cleaning companies to get cleaing requests directly from property owners/managers with you see what they see calendar features.  Cleaning companies can also schedule jobs among different cleaning groups and dispatch worksheets, Cleaning crews can use smartphones to enter job status in real-time, and upload on-spot images for damages.

All cleaning companies, doesn't matter if your subsribe to our online application or not, can list your company on our website for free. We want to build a community that helps vacation home owners and rental management companies to find cleaning companies, and for good cleaning companies to become more successful.

Click "List a Company" on the menu bar, enter your company name, contact name, email, phone, and address. After you click Save, an email will be sent to you. Once you confirm your email, your company will be listed on our website.

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When you first register on our website and after you confirm your email, an user login and password will be emailed to you immediately. To update your company information, log in as service provider using the login email and password that were emailed to you.

Our platform has a one-click invoice generation function. You can easily generate and email the invoices to your customers. 

Our professional package allows you to schedule cleaning jobs and assign cleaning crews based on location. Please Contact Us if you want to see a demo.

Yes, And we suggest you subscribe the professional package to take advanage the mass upload tools for cleaning schedules. With the professional package, you can also manage multiple cleaning companies or groups for properties in different cities. 

There are two ways to claim your business

1. Click CLAIM YOUR BUSINESS on the index page, search for your company. Once you find your company, click (Claim Business). 

2. Click FIND A CLEANING COMPANY on the index page, seach for your company. Once find your company, click (Claim Business).

I am a vacation home owner or rental management company

You can use TaskAim to request cleaning services. Your requests are routed to your cleaning company real time. You can also search our cleaning company list, request a quote, approve or reject quotes. All these can be done in several clicks on your smart phone or a PC. Our application is intuitive, extremely easy-to-use. And these services are free to you. You will be on top of everything. You will never miss any service requests since you can access the real-time job status.

If you are looking for a new cleaning company, please keep in mind that the best practice is to read other people's reviews on this company, ask for references, and talk to other customers of the company to find out if this is the right company for you. 

Cleaning companies that subscribe to TaskAim packages use our cloud solution to manage their cleaning business. They have a tracking record of exchanging information with other vacation home owners. These cleaning companies have a "Accredited" icon in front of their names. 

Click on the TaskAim logo on the top left page, and click "FIND A CLEANING COMPANY". On the search cleaning company page, enter a partial company name and/or City/State* and click "Get Result", To contact a company, click the envelop icon left to the selected company. To submit a review or read reviews, click in the parenthesis after the selected company name.

Only cleaning company can add themselves to our company list. As a property owner/manager, you can suggest your cleaning company to list on our website, or you can email us your cleaning company's contact information and we will be more than happy to contact your cleaning company about our services.

Yes, We suggest you subscribe the professional package to take advanage the mass upload tools for cleaning schedules. With the professional package, you can also manage multiple cleaning companies or groups for properties in different cities. 

If you decide to switch to another cleaning company that's also on our platform, you just need to inactive your current cleaning company and activate